GLOFCA is present in ‘Adventure of Science: Women and Glaciers in Central Asia’

GLOFCA member Laura Niggli joined this year’s ‘Adventure of Science: Women and Glaciers in Central Asia’ ( expedition as visiting scientific instructor with expertise on Glacier Lake Outburst Floods.

The project ‘Adventure of Science’ empowers young women through science, art and wilderness exploration.

This year’s successful expedition took place from 16.-25. August 2022 in the adventurous Ala Archa National Park in Kyrgyzstan where the young women made their first steps in and around Golubin glacier located in the beautiful high mountain regions the Kyrgyz range.

The female led team trained the participants in scientific methods and supports them in the development and presentation of their own scientific projects. The participants learnt about climate and environmental changes as well as natural hazards and Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in high mountain regions.

Besides the focus on thematic capacity building, the program is designed to encourage critical thinking, curiosity, and expression with the goal to empower a new generation of strong, aware and educated female explorers, scientists and leaders.

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